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Lines of Credit between $1,000 and $8,0001

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The Pathward Line of Credit gives you flexible access to funds for many situations.

Whether you’re looking to cover unexpected bills or close the gap in your cash flow, the Pathward Line of Credit is designed to provide you with the flexibility to get the money you need, when you need it3.

If approved, funds are deposited directly into your bank account and you only pay interest charges on the funds you use4.

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How the Pathward Line of Credit Works

Online Account Access

You’ll have easy online access to your Line of Credit details. Log into your account to view your available credit, request an advance, check your balance and make payments online.

Interest Charges

You only pay interest charges at a fixed Annual Percentage Rate (APR) of 35.99% on the amount of credit you use and not your total credit limit.

The APR will not increase while your Pathward Line of Credit is open. There are no additional fees4.


If you have an outstanding balance, you will need to make Minimum Payments. Each Minimum Payment includes:

  • Interest charged on your outstanding principal balance for each day of your billing cycle; and
  • A contribution towards your principal balance, which varies depending on your income frequency.

Minimum Payments can be due on a bi-weekly, semi-monthly or monthly basis and your due dates will generally align with your income frequency. The exact amount of each Minimum Payment will vary depending on your account activity.

Minimum Payment Example

Let’s look at an example of a customer with a bi-weekly income frequency (14 days apart) who has an outstanding principal balance of $2,000 for two billing cycles.

Billing Cycle Example Outstanding Principal Balance Principal Contribution (A) Interest (B) Minimum Payment Due (A+B) Remaining Principal Balance
1 $2,000.00 $20.00 $27.60 $47.60 $1,980.00
2 $1,980.00 $19.80 $27.33 $47.13 $1,960.20
Annual Interest Rate of 35.99%

Disclaimer: This example assumes only one advance is requested at the start of the first billing cycle and only Minimum Payments are made. This example is for illustrative and informational purposes only. The actual Minimum Payment(s) due on your Pathward Line of Credit will depend on your individual circumstances and account activity.

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Unlike a credit card - which is a physical card that may be used to make purchases or get cash advances - a Pathward Line of Credit gives you the flexibility to get any requested funds deposited directly into your bank account. There are no fees to apply4.

  • Be of legal age of majority where you reside;
  • Have an open and active personal bank account;
  • Have a valid contact number; and
  • Have an active email address.

Log into your online account, click “Request an Advance” and enter the amount that you would like. Funds will be deposited to your bank account as soon as the same business day2.

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