Unlike a credit card - which is a physical card that may be used to make purchases or get cash advances - a Pathward Line of Credit gives you the flexibility to get any requested funds deposited directly into your bank account. There are no fees to apply4.

Credit limits range between $1,000 to $8,0001.

With a Pathward Line of Credit, you only pay interest charges at a fixed Annual Percentage Rate (APR) of 35.99% on the amount of credit you use and not your total credit limit. The APR will not increase while your Pathward Line of Credit is open. There are no additional fees4. Refer to your agreement for further details.

  • Be of legal age of majority where you reside;
  • Have an open and active personal bank account;
  • Have a valid contact number; and
  • Have an active email address.

No, you do not need to be employed. However, you will need to have a consistent source of income to ensure you can make payments on your Line of Credit.

Yes, as part of the application process, your bank account details will need to be verified. Additionally, if approved, verifying your bank account information ensures that when you request an advance, the funds will be deposited into the correct bank account.

There are two ways to verify your bank account information:

1. Online Instant Verification: You may be able to verify your bank account information electronically through a secure online portal in real time. This tool will provide only certain information from your bank in a read-only format. None of your personal information such as your online banking login credentials, or any additional security responses, will be shared with us by your bank. Currently, Pathward uses DecisionLogic as the primary online bank verification service provider.

2. Phone: Our friendly customer care agents may assist you by verifying your bank account information over the phone with your bank.

No, the application for a Pathward Line of Credit is completely online. Click here to apply today.

There are no fees to apply4.

Submitting an application for a Pathward Line of Credit will not impact your credit score. However, if your application is approved, there will be a hard inquiry on your credit report and activity on your Pathward Line of Credit account will be reported to TransUnion and may impact your credit score5.

Log into your online account, click “Request an Advance” and enter the amount that you would like. Funds will be deposited to your bank account as soon as the same business day2.

Advances requested prior to 2:30 p.m. ET Monday to Friday, will generally be deposited into your bank account the same business day. Otherwise, funds will be deposited into your bank account the following business day. Funding cut-off times are subject to change. The date and time funds are made available to you by your bank are subject to your bank’s policies.

You can cancel your agreement without penalty until midnight two business days after your application is approved. Please refer to your credit agreement for more details. Note: if you cancel your agreement, you will be responsible for returning any funds advanced to you.

If you have provided your Automated Clearing House (ACH) Authorization, your payments can automatically be debited from your bank account on your scheduled due dates.

If you have not provided your ACH Authorization, you may contact us during operational hours to authorize payments via ACH. Please note that requests for ACH payments must be received by 6:00 p.m. ET one business day before the date you wish your payment to be applied. Processing of payments are subject to your bank's policies.

You can also make payments online using most debit or prepaid cards by logging into your secure online account.